The Message of the Divine Iliad - Volume I

The Message of The Divine Illiad Vol. 1 – eBook

The Message of the Divine Iliad – Volume I
The Message of the Divine Iliad - Volume I

Walter Russell

The Message of the Divine Iliad express the heart and soul of Walter Russell’s inspired philosophic cosmic thinking and knowing. He demonstrates that genius is inherent within everyone and that cosmic knowledge alone will make each person aware of his or her unique genius.

Every person can become what he or she desires to be. Comprehension of universal law, the unity of all life, and the nature of communion with our Source will make it possible to attain any desired goal. To give that comprehension of the Cosmos is the purpose of The Message of the Divine Iliad.

VOLUME I: Six books from The Message of the Divine Iliad:

Part I: The Book of Desire; The Book of Rest; Who Am I?; Cosmic Messengers; Salutation to the Day; Invocation for the Night

Part II: Ten Lectures by Walter Russell: Man’s Purpose on Earth; The Law of Balance; The Meaning of Universal Oneness; Universality; Are We Really Alive?; Genius Inherent In Everyone; Think; Knowing Versus Sensing; The Secret of Creative Expression; and The Secret of Man’s Power. Part III: Questions Answered by Walter Russell.

286 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-879605-22-0

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