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Michael Hudak President of the University of Science and Philosophy Dear Students and Friends of the University, Welcome to the NEW Website of the University of Science and Philosophy! We hope that you enjoy your experience, as you browse about our exciting new Website. The University of Science and Philosophy , which was formerly The Walter Russell Foundation, was formed for the purpose of giving to the world-family The Message of the Divine Iliad, by Walter Russell, which is a scientific explanation of God’s ways and processes in the construction of His universe, and the Message of a Living Philosophy, by Lao Russell, for illuminating man’s Cosmic way of Life in his long journey of life from the dark to God’s Light. These two purposes are ONE, for one gives man the knowledge of how to live life and manifest His Creator, and the other gives him knowledge of what Life is and his relation to his Creator. The Russells knew that their purpose on earth was to give humanity this new knowledge. Lao Russell always said that, “Our work was in our written words.” They wrote a one year Home Study Course to teach The Science of Man, which they knew was the most needed science, yet the least known science to humanity. I first met Lao Russell on October 15th, 1978. I had an experience on June 6th, 1976, which propelled me into the ONE LIGHT. From that experience, I know ONE thing for certain; and that certainty was that one can not die! My search from that moment on was to know that LIGHT. But, I needed direction in my deepest desire to know, who I am, what I am and why I am! Those burning questions were finally answered, when I was handed the book, The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of the Universe, on my birthday on September 15th, 1978. The Russells lived at Swannaona, in Waynesboro, Virginia. This estate was their personal home and a public museum, which housed a vast collection of their paintings and sculptures. From this headquarters, they continued to write their many books, to aid humanity in this most critical point of time in world history. Students and visitors came from all over the world to meet Walter and Lao Russell, be inspired by their interchange with these Illuminates, and be surrounded by their incredible array of artistic accomplishments. The Russell’s never owned the Swannanoa estate in their life time. The Board of Directors finally moved out of the palace in 1999. The economic conditions of our world have undergone dramatic changes, and most non-profit organizations, including this University, have felt that economic downturn. Hence, the University has had to place it’s immediate emphasis on the most important mission of the Russell’s. That mission is to continue to make available to humanity their Illuminated Message, in the divinely inspired books of Walter and Lao Russell. The books of Walter and Lao Russell have been selling across the entire world for sixty years now. All the Russell books are published in German. Other languages, with various publishers, are in stages of translation for publishing, in the near future. The art and sculptures are housed in temporary storage, until the proper headquarters for the University is re-established. I have just had all the seven lecture tapes of Walter and Lao Russell re-mastered from tape to CD. The lectures will soon be made available, for computer downloading from the Website, and for purchase in CD format. It has been my honor and privileged to serve as President of the University since 2004. The esteemed Board of Directors and officers of The University of Science and Philosophy is composed of 7 dedicated individuals. Five of the Board members were friends of Lao Russell, and four of those members, still serving on our Board, were personally chosen by Lao Russell. The members of the Board of Directors of The University of Science and Philosophy are:
  • Mr. Joseph B. Yount III, Esq…….Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Michael P. Hudak……………President
  • Dr. Timothy A. Binder………….Board Member
  • Mr. Tyler M. Moore, Esq.………..Treasurer
  • Mr. James Haines, Esq……………Vice-President & Secretary
  • Mr. Willaim C. Cranwell…………Board Member
  • Mr. Yasuhiko G. Kimura…………Board Member
Please know that you may call me at anytime for assistance, questions, concerns and the ordering of books/booklets, audio tapes, and The Home Study Course. Call me at 1-800-882-5683 (LOVE) E.S.T. The address of the University of Science and Philosophy is: P.O. Box 520….. Waynesboro, Virginia….22980. The fax number is 573-729-1096. It will be my pleasure to help you, in any way I possibly can! Most Sincerely, Michael P. Hudak President University of Science & Philosophy

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