New Book Published – Swannanoa Palace

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I had wished to know more about the history and the people who created and occupied Swannanoa Palace, since I first visited Lao Russell on Oct 15th, 1978. My wish was finally answered by the completion of Airisun Wonderli’s superlative, pictorial history of Swannanoa Palace-100 years of history of it’s past and people. In spectacular color and black and white pictures, one is taken from the ‘idea’ of Swannanoa, through it’s building manifestation by the Dooleys, it’s golf country club phase, to the arrival of Walter and Lao Russell, as they unfolded a world wide institution, teaching The Science of Man/Woman for over forty years.

Swannanoa Palace 1912-2012

Swannanoa Palace BookHaving full access to the archives from the University, this author has chosen from more than 6000 photos and produced approximately 135 pages of full color memorable moments in the lives of the Russells in its 294 pages. It contains never-before-seen photos of Walter Russell illustrations researched from his own books and others and many 100 year-old photos from his early life. Having just been published in September, 2013, this long-awaited photo journal introduces the extraordinary lives of the Russells and gives a visual summary of their special years at Swannanoa Palace. More Info »
Price: $65.00
Almost all the pictures in this book have never been made public before. If you love history, if you always wanted to know more about the Swannanoa Palace, if you want to see fantastic, historical pictures of Walter and Lao Russells’ lives at Swannanoa, this is a book that you will treasure having in your library! Swan.PalaceBook-Pg.203 Swan.PalaceBook-Pg.195 Swan.PalaceBook-Pg.169 Swan.PalaceBook-Pg.59 Swan.Palace-Pg.76 Most Sincerely, Michael P. Hudak President University of Science & Philosophy

2013 One Heart Homecoming Live Coverage

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2013 Homecoming LiveWe will have live video and audio coverage of the 2013 Homecoming event at Swannanoa from 9am EST USA – 5pm on both September 7th and 8th, 2013 respectively. Streaming audio and video will be provided free of charge and donations are appreciated. The video may be on the low quality end but the audio should be clear and streamed at a decent quality level. If you wish to donate toward the event in the spirit of ”giving for regiving”, you may click on this link to do so - As always, we work today for a better tomorrow. Sincerely, matt presti live2013

One Heart Homecoming Festival 2013

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The Center of the One Heart Homecoming Festival 2013 & Annual Russellian Science and Philosophy Conference Present The Power of Love in Action The Cosmology of Walter and Lao Russell

 September 7th & 8th 2013, The Center of One Heart will be holding it’s annual Russellian Science and Philosophy conference at Swannannoa Palace at Afton Mountain, Virginia.  This event is free and open to the public.

In The Wave Lies The Secret of Creation + Think

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We’re please to announce that we have converted two more books into Ebooks.  Now available on Amazon for Kindle and other mobile devices is In The Wave Lies The Secret of Creation by Dr. Timothy Binder, (with images) and ‘Think’ – The IBM Lecture Series by Walter Russell.

The Center of One Heart Homecoming Festival 2012

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On the weekend of September 8 and 9, 2012, The Center of The One Heart will host its  annual Homecoming Festival at Swannanoa Palace & Grounds on Afton Mountain, Virginia, the former home of Walter and Lao Russell and their University of Science and Philosophy (, and will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Swannanoa Palace. 

This event is not sponsored by the University of Science and Philosophy.

The Center of The One Heart  ( is a Central Virginia based non-profit educational corporation serving as a networking and support organization for teachers, healers, and artists in the greater Central Virginia area.  You are invited to attend and participate in this weekend of celebration, ceremony, music, and entertainment.  The theme of this year’s gathering will be “Heart-First Living”, and together we will explore the secrets of heart empowerment, accessing heart intelligence, creating heart coherence, and using energetic intention to shift our individual lives and the planetary consciousness.  Specific tools and techniques will be presented to enable you to reach a powerful source of heart intelligence that can lift you into a new state of awareness, success, and fulfillment including accessing codes to success through the power of positive feeling, care, and appreciation. 

3 New Ebooks Published

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added three more ebooks to Kindle.  Now you can purchase A New Concept of the Universe, Atomic Suicide, and Why You Cannot Die.  

Divine Iliad Volume 1 and 2 available on Kindle

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added two more ebooks to Kindle.  Now you can purchase the Message of the Divine Iliad Volume 1&2 and God Will Work With You But Not For You by: Lao Russell now available for reading on your Kindle.  

A Worthy Messenger

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NEW BOOK! - Limited Edition Walter Russell Biography - This is a limited, advance reading edition of a biography of Walter Russell written and recently published by Charles Hardy.  We have a limited quantity of this book in print, only 100 copies and this is the first printing and an advanced reading edition of the first Walter Russell Biography.

Joey Korn on Afton Mountain

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Saturday, June 13 at Swannanoa Palace on Afton Mountain during the Center of One Heart Homecoming 2009, Joey Korn will have a lecture and workshop.

Joey Korn is a dowser, energy worker & spiritual teacher from Augusta, GA. He specializes in working with the Life Force energies that connect us with everything in the Universe. Joey condenses years of personal exploration into an extraordinary system of practical understanding and energy work. He is a revolutionary explorer for modern-day spiritual seekers. Joey is also a long-time Russell student and teacher of his principles. Visit to learn more.

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