A Worthy Messenger

NEW BOOK! – Limited Edition Walter Russell Biography – This is a limited, advance reading edition of a biography of Walter Russell written and recently published by Charles Hardy.  We have a limited quantity of this book in print, only 100 copies and this is the first printing and an advanced reading edition of the first Walter Russell Biography.

A Worthy Messenger

A Worthy Messenger
A Worthy Messenger - Walter Russell Biography by Charles Hardy

At the beginning of the last century, he was the nation's foremost portrait painter of children, an author, horse breeder, champion figure skater, and originator of the cooperative housing concept.  Thomas J. Watson, Sr. of IBM was his patron and Adolph Ochs, publisher of the New York Times, his advocate in the media.  Among his friends were Enrico Caruso, Nikola Tesla, Paderewski, Mark Twain, and the Presidents Roosevelt.

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  • Annis Reinkoester


    I read several of his books 6 years ago. Ran across the small booklet Your Day and NIght & just read it and now I am all fired up again to read more,

    Glad to see you are on line.

    I want ‘ A Worthy Messinger ‘

    Thank you.


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